We source only the highest quality coffee beans. Bold and rich flavors you can taste in every cup of coffee.

Coffee Roasting Machine

We use the newest coffee roasting technology, Fluid Bed Hot Air Roasting. Cleaner cup and environmentally friendly.

Coffee Fields

Our coffee beans are purchased through direct trade and fair trade agreements from countries around the world.

Our Mission Statement

Blue Line Roasting Company was created to provide a quality product that supports our law enforcement community and honors our fallen officers.


Our goal at Blue Line Roasting Co is to serve our first responders. With each sale a portion of all net proceeds goes toward numerous professional organizations who support our first responders. Please check out some of these great organizations who provided a variety of vital services to our everyday warriors.

How it Works

Our coffee beans at Blue Line Roasting are hand selected from around the world. When you choose from one of our quality products, your coffee purchase is roasted within 48 hours and shipped directly to you.

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